Death penalty is true justice

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So — someone kills another person (or several people), goes to court and is found guilty. Then they spend decades on death row — decades of a free roof over their heads, free three meals a day, free clothes, free medical with free transplants if needed, free eye and dental, free TV, use of a sneaked-in cell phone… It’s no wonder the “death penalty” does not keep people from doing wrong to keep out of prison. I have an idea that might help the taxpayers save money. Let the bad guys (and gals) have one appeal within a reasonable time after the first trial. If still found guilty? Guess What? Their time on Earth comes to an end. Bring out the needle for “the shot.” Oh wait! The shot is too inhumane! Then, do them in the way they killed their victims. How much taxpayer money would be saved then? My guess is the lawyers would be against this since it would cut into their income. In the 1678 my seventh great grandma and her two oldest kids (5 and 3) were killed by their 19-year-old neighbor. The trial was held and he was found guilty. Nine months after the killings he was hung. How simple is that? So keep the death penalty. Make it harder to avoid the consequences. No more slap on the wrist. Sally Palmer DAWLEY, Auburn