Debate must get past selfish

Reader Input
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The most stunning moment of the national health care debate at Representative (Tom) McClintock’s Granite Bay town hall meeting was when an obviously prosperous man stated, “I don’t mind paying for health care for me and my family, but I don’t want to pay for anyone else.” When did Americans get so selfish? And when did the esteemed members of Congress start to condone such self-centered attitudes? And it gets worse. Last week Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) argued that insurance companies shouldn’t be required to cover basic maternity care, saying “I don’t need maternity care.” Let’s tell Senator Kyl and the other legislators like him that health care reform is not about him/them, it is about reforming health care for all the Americans who do not have a posh congressional health plan. This country was founded on the principles of community and of taking care of the less fortunate. This sense of community responsibility began when the Pilgrims founded Plymouth Plantation and extended to the gold fields of California where the original purpose of the Native Sons of the Golden West was to provide for the widows and orphans of deceased miners. Tell that man in Granite Bay and Senator Kyl that in this country everyone is entitled to basic health care and that we support the president’s goal of passing real health care reform. Doris Parker, Applegate