Debt preferable to zero future

Reader Input
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One would have to look far to find a better example of the politics of fear and attack than the letters carried in the Journal on Jan. 22 by Richard Isherwood, Seth King and especially by Steve Cavolt. What an angry and thoughtless group of attacks on our elected leaders! Somebody needs to remind these gentlemen (and their fellows) that it was not the Democrats nor the Socialists nor Obama and “the Chicago thugs” that got us into the current economic problems. No, it was the lavishly paid AIG and GM executives, the mortgage and stockbrokers, the insurance companies and the Bernie Madoffs. In other words, it was rampant, unregulated and uncontrolled capitalism — the kind which our Congressman Tom McClintock worships at the altar of — and which the current crop of Republicans would take us right back to. Are these men totally unaware of how close our country was to a complete economic collapse, or of the unimaginable disaster this would have brought? An unprecedented degree of government intervention was necessary to prevent this — even George Bush became aware of this fact. Yet McClintock and his fellows are screaming “debt — government czars — socialism” as if this were the problem. I am also a fiscal conservative; I avoid debt. Yet as a businessman, I know that borrowing is at times necessary. I also know that a booming economy can pay off a national debt, as President Clinton was about to do. So while I dislike giving our children a mortgaged future, the alternative would be giving them no future at all. There is little doubt which they would prefer. CHAS DAWSON, Sacramento