Debunking term limits in Loomis

Reader Input
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Promoters of term limits for Loomis should not attempt to sell their term limit effort as something it is not. It is an expensive “special election” that the taxpayers of Loomis will pay for in order to satisfy the grudge of a former council member who did not get reelected. Holding the election in June 2010 will make it a special election. In a special election, the taxpayers of Loomis foot the bill. It is vengeance by someone who did not get reelected and is trying to get back at incumbents who did not support him. During the 2008 election, there was no mention of term limits. The incumbent was running for reelection, but was defeated. Now the former councilmember insists we need term limits. It is not needed to foster turnover in Loomis. In the past 25 years, there have been 24 different citizens serving in the five elected town council offices. We already elect new council members at every election. If asked to sign a petition restricting your right to vote, please remind them that hate never improves anything. Hate destroys the vessel that carries it. Please help keep Loomis a small town … with full voting rights. Walt Scherer, Loomis