Decent people shop Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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Re: “Wal-Mart draws undesirable low-lifes” by Sally Stanley, (Reader Input, April 4). “Undesirable low life — sorry examples of human life — living off hard-working taxpayers — you’ll need burglar alarms!” What an earth is Ms. Stanley thinking? What kind of attitude is that? I raised my children alone, on what women used to earn, without child support or welfare. They all turned out to be a darn good bunch of kids. They work in respectful businesses, hospitals, construction, mechanics, armed services, Navy, Marine and Air Force. One made it his career. Three put themselves through college. Their children are doing the same. We are decent, respectable citizens who pay our taxes and care for others. When we want something special, we save for it and get it. We are not cheap. We are responsible and thrifty. We shop in many different stores, including Wal-Mart. We do not feel any shame in the way we shop, act, or treat others. The tirade she publicly put out was completely incorrect and totally uncalled for. She has my deep felt pity and will be in my prayers. Of course, I speak only for myself but thankfully I have many friends, acquaintances, neighbors and relatives who feel as I do. Go Wal-Mart! Dixie CUMMINGS, Auburn