Decorating themes take ‘center stage’ at Newcastle consignment furniture store

By: Gloria Young,
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Center Stage Consignment
Where:  9385 Old State Highway, Newcastle
Phone:  (916) 663-9000
Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
On the web:


An Auburn resident has combined a flair for decorating and a love of collecting to open a consignment furniture store in Newcastle.
LaDonna Ibarra’s Center Stage Consignment, up and running since December, is filled with furniture, art and home décor pieces.
It’s about “putting all the fun things in your home,” she said.
“I’ve got it arranged room by room,” Ibarra explained. “To me, an issue with (many) consignment stores is they (crowd it so much) you can’t see anything. I try to put everything out so you can see it and see what you could do with it. When you come in to buy a used piece of furniture, you can say, ‘Yes, I could do that.’”
During the real estate boom years, Ibarra was a stager, working in homes at Winchester, Haldeman Homes, Twelve Bridges and Granite Bay Vista.
“I did a lot of large houses so I had a lot of furniture when the market fell,” she said. “I put everything in storage.”
The storage collection provided the inventory to start up the new business. Now she is looking toward consignments to keep the supply replenished.
“My whole goal is to get consignments on an upscale level,” she said. “These are not garage-sale items.”
Ibarra is in the process of changing her website. Once that’s completed, she’s planning to start a blog where she will feature specialty pieces.
Among the items currently in the 8,500-square-foot store is a 9 foot by 20 foot Karastan carpet.
“It’s from a consigner and it is just beautiful – kind of a deep orange and navy,” she said. “There’s a Hoosier cabinet that is blue and white. It’s probably from the 1940s to 1950s. I have some repurposed bowling lanes that could be placed on a table top. They are just adorable.”
Also on display is a framed photograph by local natural landscapes photographer Larry Brenden.
“I also have some Goddard pieces  — those are interesting pieces,” she said.
A stained glass hanging, consigned by a Bay Area collector, dates from the 1800s.
Ibarra describes the shop as very unassuming from the outside, but very fun on the interior.
“I try to keep it family friendly,” she said. “The store has a lot of character. It is very old and (warehouse-like). It has a couple of different levels and different rooms. I hope to become a destination one of these days.”
Visitors to the shop Wednesday included Lincoln residents Jerry Gianini and his wife.
“There are lots of interesting pieces and big pieces that came out of estates in Tahoe and places like that,” he said. “It’s exciting to see the pieces, but (the big ones) are too large to fit in our home.  It’s a good place to come to see things and then you can go around the corner and visit more shops.”
For customers interested in consigning items, Ibarra offers a 50/50 split on sale proceeds.
She moved to the foothills 10 years ago and got into staging after a Realtor visited her home and was impressed with the décor.
 “She asked me to stage a home and it just grew,” Ibarra said. “Then when the market went sideways, there was no money for sellers to use to stage any longer.”
For the moment she doesn’t plan to go shopping to add things to the shop
“It’s pretty full and people continue to bring in things,” she said. “My goal is to get consignment pieces and I’d love for them to be unique.”
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