Deepest thanks to our veterans

Reader Input
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Kudos to the Auburn Journal for the article featuring U.S. Marine Tim Bergenstock on Wednesday, Oct 26. He and millions of other veterans are what has kept this country free. I can surely relate to his stories of how much packages from home are appreciated. Forty-five years ago, this young Marine looked forward to packages from home. We all shared them with our fellow Marines. It was all we had to remind us of home, plus a few letters that managed to get through. Let’s not forget that our men and women in the military are doing their job 24/7, not only in Iraq or Afghanistan, but in many other parts of the world, far from home and their loved ones. Also, the veterans who have given the most with their lives. We owe them so very much that a few parades and speeches are not nearly enough. Grateful are we, the American people, for all your sacrifices. Semper Fi. Joe DePaoli, Meadow Vista