Deer driven by hormones

Reader Input
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I just had to reply to Joe Miele’s letter of Sept. 21, because it was so off the mark. He stated that 50 percent of deer-auto collisions occurred in October, November and December because of deer hunting. It’s obvious he knows little, if anything, about hunting, especially deer hunting. Any real deer hunter will tell you the deer seem to know when the season starts because they disappear – in other words, they hide. Even the most casual observer of wildlife can tell you October-December is the breeding season. It’s nature, not hunting, that makes the deer pay no attention to traffic. It’s hormones, the rut, that occurs across North America. People have driven wildlife into more congested areas for years. Deer must be managed. Venison is great lean meat. Maybe Joe wants to ban the meat counter at supermarkets or is meat OK if it’s wrapped in cellophane? GEORGE BELL, Auburn