Deer hunt is dangerous, unjustified

Reader Input
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Nothing justifies giving guns or bows to 12-year-olds, with 18-year-old buddies as adult “supervisors,” and terrorizing deer and citizens in rural residential neighborhoods, as Supervisor (Kirk) Uhler is suggesting (Journal, June 21). There is absolutely no data to support claims of a deer herd over-population problem in the Loomis/Granite Bay area. There may be an increase in deer-auto accidents, but what roads are they on? How fast are the drivers going? Are auto-accidents an accurate and scientifically acceptable way to measure deer overpopulation? Where’s the proof that putting kids in the “kill” mode will stop auto-deer collisions? If disease exists, let it cull the herd naturally. Bow hunting is notoriously cruel. Most likely, deer are not diseased, but hunters want to indoctrinate kids as early as possible. This is an opportunistic “kill it” knee-jerk response to an undocumented problem. If there really is a population problem, then find the cause and deal with it. Are people feeding deer and other wildlife in their backyards, which is illegal and contributes to wildlife problems? Before we teach kids that killing and violence solves issues, and put our neighborhood communities in danger of errant shots, we need to look at other options (educate the public, lower speed limits, use lights to warn drivers of approaching deer, dart with contraceptives, etc.). The reality is that trophy-hungry hunters have seen big bucks in Loomis/Granite Bay neighborhoods. Whoever votes for this cockamamie idea needs to be recalled. Jim Cather, Loomis