Deer hunt location too close to people

Reader Input
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All deer hunting should be done with a camera. If someone needs the deer meat to feed their family, then deer hunting should be limited to a bow and arrow. Young people should be taught the habitat and behavior of a deer, and taught how to stalk a deer. The pay-off should be with a close-up photograph. A small .22-caliber bullet from a long rifle can travel a mile before it comes to a rest. I challenge anyone to draw a circle on a Granite Bay-Rocklin-Loomis map with a radius of one mile that does not include a house, a public road, a bike trail, or a hiking trail where people will not be present on any given day. Most deer hunting is done with a rifle equivalent to a .30-30 or a .30-06 caliber weapon. The impact of this bullet is much more devastating. Firing a weapon is an awesome responsibility. Not only must a target be identified, but the impact zone must be identified. The unseen impact zone is where you will endanger an innocent bystander. Simply put, there is not a safe place to fire a weapon in this area unless it is at a firing range designed for target shooting. Young people should learn how to discharge a weapon by practicing in a safe environment with qualified instructors at a firing range. It is too easy to harm a person with a weapon. Vice President Dick Cheney learned that lesson! The Granite Bay, Rocklin, Loomis area is not a safe place to hunt deer with a high-powered weapon. Too many people are continuously moving about. To suggest a deer hunt in this area, especially by inexperienced handlers of firearms, is extremely irresponsible. Bill Davis, Cool