Deer hunt trains young killers

Reader Input
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Let me see if I’ve got this right. We all agree that children should be raised to be productive and compassionate adults. And one way is to provide an opportunity for teenagers to shoot large animals and then watch them die in agony, maybe even getting a chance to slit a throat or two. Surely such an exercise in adult-orchestrated brutality will help kids develop the sort of character to which we all aspire. And what of the wounded deer that die a slow, painful death? Are the supporters of this project unaware that most adult serial killers began their careers of torture and murder by abusing animals? It is hard to quarrel with a decision that excessive herds need to be thinned by game wardens or qualified expert adults who can with certainty dispatch an animal with one shot. But kids starting at the beginning will naturally have a high error rate, not to mention lapses in judgment, with animal (and possibly human) suffering being the likely result. As to bow-hunting: if we had to choose a way to die, how many of us would say, “I’d like to be stuck full of arrows.” Most would consider that to be one of the worst possible deaths, a death by torture. Instead of more kids killing animals, let’s kill this idiotic idea. WAYNE R. BARTZ, Meadow Vista