Deer kill: How’s this for ludicrous?

Reader Input
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A fun-filled festive family free-for-all hunting day is being proposed and will be heard at the Placer County Planning Commission meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 24 in Auburn. What is unbelievably being proposed is a day dedicated to hunting deer in Granite Bay and Loomis due to complaints allegedly received by Kirk Uhler, supervisor for District 4. Apparently nature has run amok and deer are eating grapes and flowers. Of course, rather than considering deer contraceptives and fencing, this hunting proposal has been put forth and will allow children aged 12 to 17 with no hunting license, and their unlicensed “mentors” to attempt to kill deer right in Loomis and Granite Bay. Many will not be killed and the children, in addition to experiencing the thrill of the kill, might be so lucky as to see one suffering and dying from an infected wound right in their own back yards. If you think this proposal to kill deer is ludicrous and not in keeping with living near nature (isn’t that why we all moved here), then show up at the meeting and/or write a letter to the Placer County Board of Supervisors who will have to approve such a proposal if it passes at the Placer County Fish and Game Commission meeting. Victoria Connolly, Auburn