Del Oro track team a pleasure to sit by

Reader Input
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On Wednesday, April 27, Papa and I went to see the track meet at Roseville High School. We sat on the benches near the black canopy to get some shade as the sun went down. Our choice of seats happened to be next to the Del Oro team’s cool-down area. That turned into a pleasurable experience. These young people had a wonderful camaraderie. Their encouragement, well wishes and cheering for each other was exemplary. Not once did we hear a derogatory remark or filthy word. This continued the whole meet as the various team members came and went. To carry this one step further, my water bottle was empty. Upon asking one of the athletes where the water fountain was located, she politely offered to get it filled. So, she climbed over the fence, filled the bottle, climbed back over the fence and handed it to me with a most genuine smile. Thank you, Libby! With respect and admiration for the whole team, Jane Heyn, Penryn