Demand that the city answer

Reader Input
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At last some people have come forward to challenge the city of Auburn and their unethical ways of governing. Hats off to Victoria Connolly and supporters to challenge the city council, including the manager, for the unfair effort to pass the charter city referendum. Additionally, mentioning the secrecy of the city emails. She claims that the city government should be an open book and many agree that those city emails be transparent for the public to be able to peruse. In 1995 (while I was on the council) the city staff requested that we OK a large sewer tax. They stated the old sewer lines needed replacing right away. To this day 90 percent of those same sewer lines have not been replaced! Millions of dollars has been collected from the local people since that time. How much money and where is it now? I have requested an independent audit time and time again but to no avail. We have a right to know where this money is. Also, are they still going to update the sewer with our money? Where is/will this money go? For the record, I am against a new regional sewer plant being built in Lincoln because our local control would be stripped away and the JPA would take over. Consequently, we the people who paid the taxes to fund the plant would have no say so as to how the plant would operate. Step up, taxpayers and let’s demand some answers. Seems the corruption of the world has been seeping into our area and the dark side has begun to take over. Hopefully, this is becoming more apparent to the local citizens. That way the city government would have to answer to the people with 100 percent transparency! The analogy that comes to my mind: City government is like a freight train all coupled together gathering speed along the way to run rip-shod over the people it is supposed to serve, with the city manager posing at the helm as the engineer. O.C. TAYLOR, Auburn