Demand that Congress deliver

Reader Input
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Just a thought. The recent decision to defund Planned Parenthood by the Susan J. Komen Foundation was met with overwhelming criticism by citizens throughout the states, if not the world. And because of this, the foundation has reversed its original stance and will now fund Planned Parenthood as before. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could apply this to our Congress, our “do nothing” Congress??I know we have the right to vote them all out, but really, when does that ever happen? People always say that they want to oust “those” members but usually say they want “their Congressman” to stay. If we all stood up to our respective congressmen demanding that they either compromise with each other or we’d show them the door, as the women (and men) stood up to the Foundation, I think real progress would be made. We need to stand together, whatever party affiliation, and demand that they do the job they were sworn to uphold. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn