Demand disclosure of school spending

Reader Input
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Full disclosure should be required for misspent public schools funds! The Friday, Oct 22, Reader Input commentary: “Money for public schools misspent,” was a reminder of the previous Journal front-page article of Sept. 28, “Education administrators earn nearly $200K;” and the Reader Input commentary on Sept. 30, “Administrative waste is staggering.” The real question and concern behind this issue of the top administration salaries at Placer County Office of Education is:  Why is Keith Bray, chief of staff, paid over $15,000 per year more than Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, who is superintendent? Can the Placer County Office of Education justify and defend Mr. Bray’s salary when he is in fact the assistant to Superintendent Gayle Garbolino-Mojica? Is there more to Mr. Bray’s inflated salary and how PCOE is using public local school funds? Yes, it is time for full financial disclosure — the taxpayers, the teachers and the students deserve an explanation. No more rumors nor innuendo — just the facts and the truth please. Roger Zanotto, Auburn