Demand your share of American dream

Reader Input
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I would like to respond to the “Perspectives” column by Mr. Jim Ruffalo in last Sunday’s (Aug. 29) Auburn Journal. Mr. Ruffalo discussed at some length an item placed on the Placer County Supervisors’ agenda “prohibiting any requirements for project labor agreements on county public projects.” I attended that meeting and I applaud supervisors Jim Holmes and Jennifer Montgomery for opposing this amendment and speaking out eloquently on behalf of middle-class working people in trades, construction and many other jobs that depend on unions for fair wages, reasonable healthcare, retirement plans and an opportunity for training in a profession that allows them to support a family. The strength of this county is our middle class and our small businesses. The middle class is under attack by the “say no to everything approach” of the Republican Party. According to the GOP, raising taxes on the wealthiest people and corporations in this country seems to be the greatest sin you can commit. But raising all kinds of fees, increasing the tuition at colleges by 30 percent, laying off teachers, police and firefighters seems to be the OK thing to do. Fees need to be viewed as taxes because they are and they hurt the hard-working people of this country. It is time the working people of this nation wake up and demand what is rightfully theirs for their kids and their grandkids — a decent life, fair wages, clean air, pure water and affordable access to healthcare and education. That’s the American dream! Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle