Dementia impacts many

Reader Input
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Seniors First would like to show their appreciation to the Auburn Journal for running the article about the worldwide pandemic of Alzheimer’s disease (Sept. 21). Although this subject is dark and threatening, it is important for all of us as we age to face the growing impact this disease has on not only those diagnosed with some type of dementia, but the impact on their families. Many family caregivers are thrust into the care-giving role with little support, encouragement, or training, and it is three times more difficult to care for someone with dementia than it is to care for someone with physical health challenges. The Auburn area might be very surprised at the high percentage here in our community living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. We are fortunate to have a comprehensive network of senior care providers in our county that can help with resources, training and support for this difficult aging challenge. This article helps raise awareness in our community, as well as the world, and we must all push for more research to learn how we can prevent this devastating brain destroying illness. Laura Wayman, Seniors First/Dementia Whisperers, Roseville