Democrat dismisses news as myth

Reader Input
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I would like to add some clarity and a different perspective to Democrat Brian Hassett’s (April 22) letter to the editor (“Where were the questions?”) The outreach program he references is a creation by (Placer County) election department head Jim McCauley. Its purpose is to introduce high school students to the process of voting and to the platforms of different political parties.
I am one of the representatives who introduced the Republican platform and answered questions from the students.
One student’s question was directed to Democrat Hassett. He asked what Hassett thought about the situation where a government person scrutinized an elementary student’s lunch which had been prepared by his mother.
A food item was removed and a government item replaced. The mother was furious and the incident reached the national news media. Hassett had no knowledge of the incident and claimed “it was most likely a myth.” Myself and the Libertarian representative responded that we were quite aware of the incident and found it went way beyond the bounds of government.
In his letter to the editor, Hassett continues to claim that “the story was a Fox News concoction ... lies pumped into the airwaves by Fox News and talk radio.”
This was not the only incident where he was ill-informed on a topic brought up by a student and the same response given was “it was a myth.” So am I to surmise that the Democrat position is, that if their source of information fails to report newsworthy topics, the subject becomes a “myth?” and other networks are trashed?
Dianne Foster, Foresthill