Dems bail out the fat cats

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The hypocrisy of the Democrat Party is growing in leaps and bounds and is mostly ignored. They claim to be for the little guy and against the fat cats. How does that claim measure up to reality since 2008? A close to $1-trillion-bailout for fat cats was approved by a Democrat-controlled congress just before the election in November 2008. Another $1-trillion bailout for fat cats was approved by a Democrat congress and president during 2009. Now, in 2010, a new, near $1-trillion bailout for fat cats is in the works while the government is under complete domination by the Democratic Party. What are the results from these Democratic Party-approved fat cat bailouts? They have allowed big entities to avoid deserved bankruptcy. They have paid for monster bonus payments to fat cat managers. Unemployment for the people has grown to record levels and is staying there. Social Security payments have been reduced by programmed and needed inflation adjustments. Why not let the people be among the first to get new inflation-causing money? This can be done by simply stopping bailouts for fat cats and instead make significant treasury payments to all over 17 years in age and restore the programmed Social Security inflation adjustments. Robert Wahl, Auburn