Dems can’t figure tea party

Reader Input
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The deadline to extend the continuing resolution and keep the Washington big spenders wallowing in cash is fast approaching. In a desperate effort to blame everyone else for their lack of spending control, the Democrat leaders are now trying to demonize the tea party. The Democrats want to frighten Republicans into losing their nerve and not make the hard choices necessary to bring spending under control. Their assumption is that they can neutralize the tea party and bully a weak Republican leadership. But the tea party is not what the Democrats think it is. It’s not the Democrat party, controlled by a single group cooking up deals in a back room that rob the American people and give everything to the Democrat’s union cronies. The tea party is an idea, shared by responsible citizens that are tired of being robbed by politicians. There is no form to fill out. There are no dues to pay. We simply show up and collectively work together to force fiscal responsibility, free markets and constitutionally limited government. Where does our influence over the Republicans come from? It comes from our vote. We can’t be neutralized because we are the American people. Dick Meadows, Roseville