Department of Education must go

Reader Input
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Grant Shaw’s letter (Nov. 7) giving the history that caused the housing meltdown and the recession was very accurate. Of course this is not stated in the mainstream media which allow politicians to blame it on Bush. It wasn’t Bush’s fault. Bush did many things wrong but the financial meltdown was caused by the Democrats.  President Carter not only created the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 1977 but he is responsible for the Department of Education, which I feel should be abolished. Since its creation, education has gone downhill. This is due to federal mandates to school districts for funds they receive which becomes very political. Education should be taken care of on the local level with perhaps one administrator, school principals and the parents of the children. It is time to get rid of the department and all the highly paid administrators in between. Each area can better decide what their students need. Also at that time, Carter created the Department of Energy to find a way to make us independent of other countries for our energy. Thirty-some years later, nothing has been done except hire more people. The larger government gets, the more rules and regulations, red tape, costs and nothing gets done. Personally I do not think unions should have government jobs. Those working for the government work for the people and should not be controlled by the unions. The unions have made the cost of government skyrocket. It is time to eliminate them in government positions and in education. If these were run like the private sector, they would be much more efficient. Perhaps you might even meet a pleasant person at the Department of Motor Vehicles because they want to keep their job! Ann Laman, Auburn