Deployed Colfax father and son reunite overseas for holidays

Soldiers Scott and Bryan Perrenod spend Christmas together on same Afghan base
By: Staff report
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In the season of giving this year, two Colfax soldiers – a father and son – deployed to Afghanistan received a rare gift: the opportunity to spend Christmas together on Bagram Air Field in Parwan Province, Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Scott Perrenod, the reintegration deputy chief for Task Force 426th Civil Affairs, and his son U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Bryan Perrenod, a member of a security forces advise and assist team under Task Force 138, were together for the holiday despite being deployed to different parts of Afghanistan. Scott Perrenod is with Army Psychological Operations & Civil Affairs Command out of Fort Bragg, N.C.

Bryan Perrenod, a 2006 Colfax High School graduate, is with the 4-2 Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Wash. He traveled from Kandahar Province to Bagram in order to see his father.

“Family is important and being together is important,” Scott Perrenod said. “Having the ability to spend time together as a family during war time is even more special. Wherever I am, whether it’s Afghanistan, or back home, I’m reminded of the importance of … family and keeping those family bonds.”

The Perrenod family is saturated with the military lifestyle. Scott Perrenod’s youngest son, Erik, is serving with the Army 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment in Germany, and his wife, Alina, serves with the California National Guard. His father fought in World War II and two of his brothers have retired from the Air Force.

“From my perspective, I’m extremely proud to have my sons choose this career path on their own,” Scott Perrenod said. “It’s an honor to pass the baton to a new generation.”

Bryan Perrenod is taking the baton with pride.

“I was never 100 percent sure about joining the Army,” Bryan Perrenod. “But I’ve chosen this path. It’s a good thing to continue the tradition. Now it’s my turn.”

For the Perrenod family time together has become a precious thing.

“We haven’t been together as a family for the holidays in three years now,” Scott Perrenod said. “It’s awesome to get together with the family all being in military, but to do it in Afghanistan is pretty indescribable.”lt