Deputy Skogen a helping hero

Reader Input
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Deputy (Ken) Skogen, who recently lost his daughter, risked his life many times last August during the 49 Fire. He saved lives, people, animals and anyone or thing in danger, without a thought for his own safety. He was recognized as a hero for the incident of rescuing our elderly lady neighbor who couldn’t get out of her burning house. But he did so much more that went unrecognized. Two weeks ago he was on the job when we once again had an incident in the neighborhood that could have been another disaster. He patiently kept calm in the neighborhood while other service workers did their job. He is truly a hero in every sense of the word. Along with our gratitude we send prayers to him and his wife. We grieve, shed tears and send our deepest sympathy. Our blessings go to God’s newest angel. Delta Ricky, Auburn