Deterioration in Wal-Mart wake

Reader Input
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Now Wal-Mart has a website to hype (its) new store and rub our faces in it (Journal, April 26). Talk about audacity! Shoved down our throats for the sake of more sales tax revenues to further support the bloated county budget and the six-figure retirement benefits and perks we are saddled with for the rest of our lives. Please do not mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in special election costs to put the Gaineses (Ted and Beth) in office ... that is a no-no. Our supervisors will sell their very souls to desperately seek more sales tax revenues at any cost to our quality of life here in Auburn. Just imagine the chaos to be created as thousands of Nevada County residents load up the left-turn lane on Highway 49 to get into the new Wally World. CalTrans has already turned Highway 49 in North Auburn into a six-lane race to red lights by aggressive drivers who will tailgate and lane-change in a futile attempt to gain advantage in their race to I-80. It is a joke to watch this fiasco every day as these idiots wait at the next red light to continue their race. Imagine what Wally World will add to this mess. Be sure to thank our supervisors personally for this effect on our already deteriorating quality of life here in Auburn. Richard Walther, Auburn