Developer bond would address costs

Reader Input
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Much of the concern about the Baltimore Ravine development revolves around the additional costs to the City of Auburn. Additional demands on the city’s infrastructure are a certainty; who should pay to meet them is up to the city council. Given our overburdened sewer system, many local roads at capacity or beyond design capability, special districts and city and county budget already strained, the city council should not even consider approval of such a development without a firm guarantee that all potential costs to the city will be identified and offset by the developer. A developer’s promise or legal obligation is not adequate, since bankruptcy or reorganization can leave the taxpayers holding the bag. How about a developer bond to cover, up front, all potential costs to Auburn? Include likely impact upon sewers, traffic and the entire city infrastructure. Any bond or other financial guarantee should be broad enough to encompass all related costs including new roads, expanded utilities and even a freeway interchange, should it be needed. I’d like to hear the candidates for city council respond to this issue. John Benbow, Auburn