Digital freeway signs derail safety

Reader Input
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Most drivers find large, brightly lit digital signs not only distracting and potentially dangerous, but also an affront to visual aesthetics. Blinded by such obnoxious lighting, it’s a wonder such signs are allowed anywhere, let alone along freeways. Now, Rocklin is very close to approving, not one, but three large digital freeway signs — one on I-80 near a car dealership and two more along Highway 65. All drivers will be subjected to one more bombardment of lights and messaging. Apparently making money is more important than highway safety and visual impacts. Write the Rocklin City Council and voice your opposition to such digital displays along our state and federal highways. The written comment deadline to the Planning Commission is Monday, Dec 5, with a Commission hearing scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec 6. The last thing Rocklin and our county freeways need is one more assault with advertising or messaging. Randall Cleveland, Newcastle