Disability claims boost fire cost

Reader Input
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I just read in the Auburn Journal it cost the taxpayers $11 million to stop the (Robbers) fire (“Cal Fire’s Robbers Fire bill rises to $11.9 million,” Journal, July 20).
The Journal printed that number in large print.
Where in the world did they come up with that number? Where did that number come from? I can only guess – someone grabbed that number from the sky.
A fireman gets paid for sleeping and while attempting to put out a fire. He gets paid the same every day whether or not there is or isn’t a fire.
Everybody I’ve talked to about this $11 million-plus said, “If you figure ‘in’ disability claims that 25 percent of the firemen will file and receive, I bet they will be ‘right on.’”
I don’t know who keeps track of disability claims that our firemen file, but I’m sure someone does – maybe not – I’ve read comments like this one and have never read a follow-up comment with an answer that might help the taxpayers attack this problem.
The taxpayers want names and names of organizations that could help investigate how many state and county workers are on disability.
When I started reading about the cost of putting out the Robbers Fire the cost was $11 million; two days later the cost rose to $13 million.
The people that are paid with taxpayer money never fail to amaze me.