Disclose where school monies go

Reader Input
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Regarding “Trustee predicts that by 2013 district will not be able to meet basic bills,” (Journal, Nov. 4): Is this poor management? Maybe complete transparency would most certainly reveal the problem with the Auburn Union School District. I did not agree with Measure L but maybe would have been sympathetic if the district were supplying the taxpayers with full disclosures of expenditures. Dan Sokol had it right when he stated that public education needs a complete overhaul. Where does the money go? If our state budget spends 52 percent for public education and over 50 percent of that sum is for salaries and pensions, how much is actually spent on the child and to what result? In Los Angeles, I read where they spend $30,000 per pupil and get only 46 percent graduation. You see where I’m going with this. Is Auburn Union an anomaly in Placer County? Roger Zanotto asks for full disclosure from the Placer County Office of Education to see where and how their monies are spent. It’s long overdue. Does that office take any responsibility in this pending disaster? Does anyone lose their jobs? Transparency is the key to garnering support for more money. When can we expect (Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-)Mojica and (Superintendent of Auburn Union School District Michele) Schuetz to initiate the disclosure? JAMES McKESSON, Auburn