Displeased at being ‘chosen’ for fee

Reader Input
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“Out of the blue” comes this letter from the State of California saying “Be Prepared!” Apparently, we have been “chosen” as Placer County property owners to pay a new $150 fee for California Department of Forestry fire protection services in our area. So, my questions are these: Why were we not consulted about this in advance? How can this be done without any input from those being billed for this “service?” Whose brilliant idea was this, anyway? I asked around among my neighbors and they, too, have received this advance notice/warning about this upcoming money-grab. I, for one, strongly protest this ridiculous effort on someone’s part to impose this tax on us! It’s already expensive enough just living in this county. Harking back to the Boston Tea Party of the 1700s ... what happened to “Taxation Without Representation?” Speaking for ourselves (and probably our neighbors, too) we already live within a five-mile radius of several fire stations. They are Penryn, Newcastle, Ophir, Loomis, South Placer Fire Station (on Auburn-Folsom Road) ... and possibly others that do not come to my mind at this time. Why do we need more fire protection? I say we already have enough! Mrs. Louis Muller, Newcastle