Disregard that mean-spirited missive

Reader Input
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In response to Vance T. Sauter’s letter (Reader Input, March 4) regarding artist Archie Warren’s No Hand’s Bridge mural, I was stunned an Auburn business owner had the gall to write a letter with so much acrimony about a project so positive. Art is subjective — some people love it, some hate it. To write something so malevolent was purposely intended to belittle those involved; and to offer to paint over it, is just beyond impertinent. Mr. Sauter’s letter is hurtful with no direct purpose other than to criticize those involved with the mural — most especially Archie. Archie is an artist who volunteered his time to do something positive for Auburn. He isn’t out tagging the skatepark or throwing rocks at overpasses injuring innocent victims like other young people his age. You are right, Mr. Sauter. You are no art aficionado and to be so vile to someone who put his heart and soul into the mural is mean-spirited. I think the mural is beautiful and I’m grateful to Archie and those who also volunteered. I hope Archie doesn’t let this pointless, foul letter deter his future projects and he continues his vision. Kudos Archie! Kristine Nelson, Auburn