Distracted driver training needed

Reader Input
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The Internet is full of jokes and stories about distracted drivers. Here is my contribution: We were driving down Bell Road in North Auburn the other day when an impatient driver behind me passed us by crossing the double yellow line and narrowly missing an oncoming car. My wife said, “Thank God,” because the oncoming car was a Placer County Sheriff’s patrol vehicle. The car that made the bad pass pulled over knowing he was about to be had by the deputy. As the sheriff’s patrol vehicle went by we could see the deputy’s head down apparently working with his on-board computer. He never saw the bad passing vehicle that almost hit him. Later I called the sheriff’s dispatch to suggest some in-service training on distracted driving might be in order for their patrol units. The dispatcher suggested I call the (California) Highway Patrol since they were the ones who enforce traffic on Bell Road. Go figure. Jim L. White, Auburn