District reorganization needs unbiased help

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After all the press regarding the fiscal benefits attached to forming unified school districts, Ken Tokutomi, Placer County Office Board of Education board member, made a request of the elected Superintendent Gayle Garbolina-Mojica at the Aug. 14 meeting to run the numbers for community-based unified school districts to simply provide the public with information on additional reorganization scenarios. Fellow board members Don Brophy, Lynn Oliver and Robert Tomasini objected to Tokutomi’s request stating that a number of school district board members would lose their positions in a reorganization and reorganization is an emotionally-charged issue. In a response to a request from a member of the public, Pam Robie Hart, for the PCOE to provide a forum for the public, board members and staff to learn more about reorganization in general, the elected Superintendent Gayle Garbolina-Mojica refused stating it was not their responsibility and that they will only respond to direct requests from the districts affected. The request was made so that there would be an opportunity for everyone to receive the same general information and understand the various options. It was clear in watching the discussions that there is a great deal of confusion on the fiscal implications of school district reorganization. The public and school district trustees would benefit from a well-thought-out unbiased presentation on the issue from an independent agency, sponsored by the County Office of Education.  Margie Spalding Auburn