District smart to apply brakes

Reader Input
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On Wednesday night (Oct. 26) I attended a crowded Auburn Union School District Board meeting and heard the concerns voiced by the special education staff and parents about a new special ed coordinator position for the district. It seems the special ed department has been successful at reducing the portion of their budget coming from the general fund (which is good). The position was proposed by the special ed director and the superintendent to “continue” that cost-savings, but I was very pleased that the board responded to the concerns and applied the brakes. One board member questioned whether the job description had been written for an existing employee to fill (which would “only” cost another $8,000 or so to reach the $70,000-plus salary), and other members wondered whether the money might better serve students by staffing direct instruction (aides, speech therapists, etc.) in the classroom. I congratulate the board for their vote to table the motion and get more information. Now we have a chance to learn whether another special ed administrator is justified, and if so how will this serve the students. Stewart Feldman, Meadow Vista