Ditch current ‘milquetoast’

Reader Input
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Say Ed Saiz: (“Republicans are anti-veteran,” Reader Input, Sept. 26) — are you kidding?
I’m a Vietnam vet who under Republic administrations got my degree using the G.I. Bill, moved to Auburn in 1984, started a company and hired 35 employees (under the Reagan era) and prospered.
I put people to work because of the tax incentives for small businesses. Because no one knows what the future holds today, under the current administration, they are not hiring.
The majority of the world does not respect our leader because he is always apologizing for the U.S. (President) Carter deserved to be a one-termer, and like-wise Obama. The day Reagan was sworn into office Iran released our hostages. A little, fear I’d say. His motto, “Peace through strength.”
With the leadership of a true businessman we will be able to hire more people and get this country back to work again. Enough with the “milquetoast.” Go Mitt!
Pete McKay, Auburn