DMV subjects reader to fiasco

Reader Input
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To those who think that government can run business better than private industry, consider the recent California DMV fiasco: While it was being decided if added taxes would remain or be removed, they stopped sending out vehicle registration renewal notices. My car’s is due in July. Every year I get my notice in April, providing more than enough time to budget and pay what I owe. (July 9) I finally received my notice. Guess when it’s due? July 10! Tomorrow, and a Sunday. I checked the envelope to see if it’d been lost in the mail, but the meter was stamped on July 6. They sent me a renewal that was due four days after they sent it! Not wanting to let them get away with sticking a late fee on me — I decided to use the Internet payment option. At step 2 of 4 a window popped up saying that the system wasn’t working, and to try again later. At 10:30 p.m. I got the same window at step 1. I tried the phone number, and after several steps, often repeating simple numbers and being disconnected once right in the middle, I finally paid my fee at 11:15. However, after giving all my credit card information I was told by the machine that the transaction was over — without ever being offered a verification number of any kind! So, did I pay in time? We’ll see when either my stickers show up or I get another renewal notice. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Kyle Vogt, Auburn