Do not, NOT, text and drive

Reader Input
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Why text and drive? It is completely unsafe! There have been so many crashes from teens looking down at their phones. Even a few seconds of distraction is long enough to travel 100 feet in your car and hit another car, or you couldn?t see a stoplight and ride right into a busy highway. You would get either killed or seriously injured. Even you adults, don?t think you are off the hook, either. Adults text just as much as teens. What is worse is that the adults might even have kids in the car! If you get in a crash, your child would be at even bigger risk than you are. If you need to send someone a text, ask the passenger to do it for you, or, if you are alone, pull over and send the text message. You could get pulled over for texting and get a big ticket for over $100 and get in huge trouble with your parents. I knew a teen who got in a big crash from just checking a message. She was in the hospital for two weeks for recovery. Next time you?re in a car, think about yourself and the people around you and their safety. Don?t text and drive; it is just unsafe! AVERY ENGELSTAD, student, Auburn