Do not vote Democrat!

Reader Input
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Jerry Brown was governor from 1975 to 1982. When he entered office, he was blessed with a budget surplus. After two terms, he left a $1.5 billion deficit and extremely high unemployment. He had five straight budget deficits. As mayor of Oakland, he made every economic indicator for the city worse. His management of the Oakland schools was so bad, the state took them over. Mr. Brown has never benefited the people of this state in any political position that he has held over the last 50 years. The California Senate has had a Democrat majority (except for the period June 5, 1995 to Nov. 30, 1996) since January 1971. They have ruled the Assembly since December 1980. Our state is bankrupt after 30 years of the Democrats in power. A Republican cannot get a bill out of committee under the Democrats, yet the Democrats continue to blame Republicans for this financial catastrophe. If you do not remember Jerry Brown’s true record, do not be fooled by his political propaganda. He serves his party first, not the people! Always has! Research the truth. Do not vote for any Democrat! Willard F. Schmehl, Cool