Do our legislators need to be in DC?

Reader Input
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For over 200 years, we have sent our representatives to Washington to conduct the business of the people. Why? Because we have always done things that way – by gum! But now I hear whisperings of having a virtual Congress, meeting and voting via Internet conferencing. As a deeply committed 19th century throwback, I find this notion to be just god-awful. The idea that these legislators would be forced to represent the people from their local offices is appalling. How could they ever get away from their annoying pesky constituents? Further, they would need fewer aides and as we all know the more aides the more important the Congressperson. What would that do to their self-esteem? The perks, the gym, all gone. Visualize the poor, backslapping, bribing lobbyists scratching around the empty streets of Washington, like so any chickens whose hen house was burned down. The very thought makes me weep. We have created a smug, arrogant class of do-nothing royals. The British have theirs, we should have ours. Why, if they had to come home, the Washington gas bags would start falling to Earth like so many mini-Hindenburgs. Oh, the humanity! JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle