Do your part, buy American

Reader Input
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Well, you heard the numbers, folks, unemployment in America is up to 9.8 percent. It was all over the national news tonight. Everyone knows we need more jobs but no one seems to realize that to create more jobs, we need to purchase American products, not the thousands of things we used to make that are now manufactured cheaper in China. The trade-off for those cheap products folks is American jobs went away. Simple math and economics tell us that American companies expand when there is a demand for their products. Voila, we create more jobs when we buy our own U.S.-made products. Why do politicians have such a difficult time realizing that drilling for oil here creates American jobs? Drilling for oil in Brazil creates Brazilian jobs. Making printers for HP in Mexico provides jobs for the Mexican population. Making HP printers in the U.S. provides jobs for Americans. Wake up America, and be more discerning in what you are buying. Walk down the aisles in WalMart, KMart, Target, Rite Aid, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and pick up a few items and just check where is it made. You guessed it, China. Ask the manager why they don’t stock American products. It has to start with consumers asking for American products. If you have a choice, buy an American product. If the store you frequent does not have a line of American products for necessities, then go to one that does. How difficult is that? If everyone started doing their part and thinking that way, our economy would be booming in no time. Paul M. Harman, Auburn