Does Caltrans cover Nevada?

Reader Input
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On April 2 I was visiting in Pahrump, Nev. On that date at about 10:28 a.m., I noticed a Caltrans pickup parked in a residential driveway. If this was that employee’s home address, the vehicle was located approximately 12 miles from the nearest state line. That would be 24 miles roundtrip daily, which on an annual basis would be over 6,000 miles. The vehicle maintenance (tires, gas, oil, depreciation) would be on the California taxpayers’ expense. As an interested and curious citizen of the state of California, I now have several questions: 1. Does this employee use this as a commute vehicle to work in the state of California? 2. Does this employee pay California income tax on the salary they draw? Their salary is paid by California taxpayers. 3. With the state of California and its financial crisis, every dollar that is spent on perks is increasing the deficit. Why wouldn’t the Caltrans employee provide their own transportation to their job, especially out of state? The employee probably shops in Pahrump, and that sales tax should be paid in the state from which they derive the salary. DAN E. OAKLEY, Foresthill