Does letter writer have a clue?

Reader Input
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I am compelled to write this after reading Knight Wagner’s letter regarding public workers earning their keep (Reader Input, Nov. 17). While I agree the state is out of money, your letter obviously implies that you have an issue with public servants, who are mostly county and city employees. Do you have any idea what these men and women do every day, putting their lives on the line then being “judged” by people like you? Would you feel the same way if it’s you who needs help in a medical emergency or has someone trying to break into your house? Sure, it does take one person to shop for food, but when they go shopping as a crew, they have everyone they need to respond to an emergency. That “simple” traffic stop: how do you know there aren’t weapons involved? Do you, Mr. Wagner, know what it’s like to go inside a fully involved house fire? Do you know how many public servants are exposed to communicable diseases that they risk taking home to their families? Do you know how many firefighters work their whole lives as a firefighter to retire and then die within five years because of the hazards of their job? Yes, I do agree it’s time for a change. I think it’s time Mr. Wagner gets his chip off his shoulder. Krista Wenz, Foresthill