Does North Auburn need a Wal-Mart?

Reader Input
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In 1.3 miles on Highway 49 from Luther Road to Sutter Auburn Faith Medical Center, I see an abundance of shopping choices that support our retail needs. In that corridor I already see two chain grocers, three chain pharmacies, a chain home improvement store, three chain discount retailers (including the No. 2 and No. 3 chain discount retailers ? Wal-Mart is No. 1), a number of chain restaurants and numerous specialty retailers (some chain, some not). I?m astounded that anyone would consider putting forward the argument that we want Wal-Mart because ?we need more retail choices in North Auburn.? If anything, we need fewer chain stores and more local, small retailers promoting locally-sourced products and keeping the dollars moving in our local economy rather than chains selling us clothing from Asia and vegetables from South America. Patrick MacRoberts, Newcastle