Does project lack adequate safety plan?

Reader Input
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After reading several articles on the Baltimore Ravine housing project, it has occurred to me that one of the Union Pacific tracks was not mentioned. If I am correct, the eastbound track travels through the middle of the planned development. An acquaintance in Union Pacific management expects an increase in train traffic to every 15 minutes. I sincerely hope the potential of this busy track was considered in the plan. Increased train traffic is a potential for fire hazards and toxic spills. Has there been consideration of the exit plan in the event of fire? As I recall, 750 homes plus commercial development in the final build-out allows only one main ingress/egress and a secondary emergency route. This does not seem adequate for the potential thousands of vehicles that could be in the development area. The Auburn area has already seen what devastation a fast-moving fire can inflict. Dense housing, commercial establishments, the increasing rail traffic and one main exit? I would like to know the opinion of the Placer County Fire Safe Council on this project. Years ago the Municipal Advisory Council and the Fire Safe Council began to identify foothill communities that had inadequate exit options in the event of fire. There are many foothill areas with only one road out. All of these identified areas were not planned developments but happened over many years without adequate foresight. It seems to me that the city of Auburn owes it to the future residents to plan for adequate escape routes.   Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley