Doesn’t feel like recovery

Reader Input
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Congress has once again raised the ceiling on the national debt by another $1.9 trillion ($6,000 for each and every resident). Our corrupted government will now continue deficit spending until the admitted debt will be well above $14 trillion. Of course, that huge total is just a small fraction of the true amount of national debt. With this pittance, we may not see another ceiling increase until after the November election. To their credit, every House Republican voted no on this last increase. However, most of these same Republicans supported debt-ceiling increases under Republican administrations. The Federal Reserve has recently inflated the money supply by approximately $1 trillion. The mega banks are now being asked by the Fed to delay issuing all this fiat money into the system — again, probably until after the November election. This inflation will drop the value of our dollar even more as time passes. Don’t worry, though, we are being reassured almost daily that our economy is recovering. Dennis and Janis Frelick, Greenwood