Dog licensing ordinance bites back

Reader Input
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Most dog owners in the unincorporated area of Placer County do not realize that they must register their dogs. This is a county ordinance. I called Placer County Animal Control to my residence to report two aggressive dogs that were at my gate attempting to gain entry. These same two dogs showed up at my residence twice in one week. When an animal control officer arrived at our residence, the officer persuaded us not to file a complaint. A warning would probably put a stop to this problem. A few days later we called animal control again when the same two dogs showed up at our gate. This time the animal control officer cited us for not having our dogs licensed. I then attempted to explain to him we called to report two aggressive dogs that were attempting to gain entry into our yard. The animal control officer’s reply was that it is county ordnance to have all dogs registered and licensed with Placer County even if you are in an unincorporated part of the county. I had a brief discussion as to why all my neighbors’ dogs were not licensed, and I was being cited. Once again a stupid answer from him was that it is a Placer County ordinance. I continued to ask him, are all dogs up and down the street licensed? His answer was no and then I asked why not? This was a difficult question for him and he was unable to answer. The animal control office was contacted by phone and the answering officer said if you call us out for a complaint and your dogs are not licensed, you will be cited for not registering your dogs with the county. Just to let the public know, if you call and complain to animal control and your dogs are not registered with Placer County you will be cited. It does not make any difference if your neighbor has five dogs that are running around in his or her yard; they will not receive any kind of citation. The majority of residents in Placer County must be aware as to when to call animal control, for this may result in a citation. Our dogs are fenced in and had never had a complaint or been loose. From my limited conversation with animal control, they look the other way when it comes to issuing citations. If you don’t call for a problem, you won’t be cited. This seems a very easy way for Placer County Animal Control to make money. AARON MARTINEZ, Auburn