Dog lover says those pitbulls must go

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Here’s my input about the pitbulls that attacked Jojo (Journal, Sept. 20). As a lifetime dog lover, I do know quite a bit about dogs. Many breeds of dogs do have wired-in ancestral instincts that can become active whenever any pack gets together and runs loose without any supervision. Most dogs will be generally docile under proper non-aggressive training at home, especially if alone or few in numbers. But that can change. All it takes is for one dog to develop an alpha (“boss”) character in the pack. It’s not surprising that the attack was instigated by that “white” one, which was quickly joined by the others. Once a pack attack with injuries happens and they’ve tasted flesh and blood, they will remember it. That makes them virtually certain to attack again, given the chance, if they go on the loose again. Even if they were penned in a yard, they won’t forget it. They’ve no sense of what is “evil or good,” if the instinct kicks in. It’s not just pitbulls, but some other pack breeds can also do mayhem. This case is why I don’t support saving them. They should be euthanized as the only way to absolutely ensure safety from attacking again. And yes, not only should the owner be cited for failure to have the dogs under control, but also to pay Jojo’s medical expenses. It doesn’t matter if he was away at the time. He is still legally liable as an owner. GUY WINGFIELD, Applegate