Dog park closure temporary

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Local dog owners won’t be able to visit the Ashley Memorial Dog Park until at least Friday. The park was closed Monday due to the weekend weather, and construction started between the small dog and large dog areas Tuesday, according to Kahl Muscott, Auburn Recreation and Parks District administrator. The dog park continues to be closed to all activity, but Ashford Park is open. Muscott said a contractor is laying a weed cloth and flagstone rock between the areas to remedy the often muddy ground. “When (the park) was first put in we had some different designs there, and we had hoped for some more plant and tree growth, and it just didn’t happen,” Muscott said. The district is hoping the park will reopen Friday morning, Muscott said. “The contractor that is working out there said hopefully Friday morning with weather being cooperative,” he said. Volunteers are paying for the contractor, who has also made some donations to the project, Muscott said. The district is also re-seeding a portion of the large dog area, and Muscott said this is a routine action to take care of bare spots. Foresthill resident Janette Tam said she doesn’t think users were properly informed of the closure, and she wishes dogs could still use the park when construction workers are off duty. “For the people who go there daily, they gave no notice that they were going to be doing the construction,” Tam said Wednesday. “I don’t understand why they can’t just block off that one section.” Muscott said there were signs posted on the gate of the park about the upcoming work, but said they may have been ambiguous. Muscott said it’s not possible to allow dogs into the park during construction, because they could interfere with its progress. “The dogs getting over to that area where the rocks are set and not in place, the dogs could move the rocks around,” he said. The district has a message for those who use the park, Muscott said. “We appreciate everybody’s patience while we get this work done,” he said. “It will make it a better dog park for everybody … including not having as many muddy dog paws in people’s cars.” Reach Bridget Jones at