Dog park gets sculpture

By: Bruce Warren Journal Staff Writer
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Two dogs at the Ashley Memorial Dog Park will never run away and don’t worry, they won’t bite you. The dogs are a great dane and chihuahua, part of the "Big Guy and Little Guy" statue created by Bill Santos, 82, and his daughter Susan Santos of Auburn. The two labored on the sculpture in Bill Santos’ Newcastle welding shop during the summer. “I did some of the welding and my daughter did the rest of it,” Santos said. “It doesn’t weigh too much. I could pick it up by myself, so it probably weighs about 80 pounds.” The statue, made of 20-gage cold-rolled steel, was installed in the dog park in mid-November. It was donated to the park as was the base made of cement and stone, where the sculpture is attached. “We worked on it all summer long,” Susan Santos said. “We call it ‘Big Guy, Little Guy’ when we worked on it. We both worked on it equally. We both welded.” Even though it was a combined effort by father and daughter, Susan Santos came up with the design and cut out all the patterns for the steel, she said. The Great Dane and Chihuahua are actually the logo for the Ashley Memorial Dog Park Foundation, headed by Laura Pinnick. “It’s our logo for our foundation on our business cards,” Pinnick said. The idea for the sculpure happened when Susan Santos simply contacted Pinnick. “She asked if we would like to have a sculpture,” Pinnick said. “The Santoses love the dog park and it’s a work of puppy love.” The sculpture sits on a cement foundation that was made by Todd Holladay of Holladay Concrete. However, the dog park foundation paid for the materials, while Holladay donated his labor. The base also has donated rockwork around it, courtesy of Tim Thorton of Milestone Masonry of Auburn. Thornton gave his labor and materials, free of charge. Bill Santos has exhibited metal and wood sculptures at the Gold County Fairgrounds in the past. He also enjoys collecting antique tractors and parts. In the near future there are plans to have a plaque installed at the statue with the Santos’ names.