Dog won’t mind staying at home

Reader Input
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In response to “Don’t bring your pet dog into market” (Reader Input, Aug. 1): I just want to say thank you for speaking up on this matter. I am a former veterinary technician and current small dog owner. I have been advising people of the illegal nature of their pet being in the store for years and get so frustrated by what little impact my words have had. I would also like to expand on one point that Mr. (Tim) Robinson made, that is, to these owners who say that it is too hot to leave the dog in the car, I say then leave them home. So many people think that their pet must go absolutely everywhere they go and they are wrong. Please remember, these are not your children. They don’t reason the way humans do and they won’t die if they have to spend an hour alone while you’re at the store. Bring them home a dog treat to make yourself feel better. Rose Hensley, Auburn